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Make:able 2020 Winner: Team WheeStroll create a wheelchair stroller adapter for their client

20th October 2020 Video Stories

A wheelchair stroller adapter allowing users to push a stroller whilst in a wheelchair


In this post, we’re delighted to share details of one of the winning entries of the 2020 make:able challenge. The featured solution is a wheelchair stroller adapter, created by students at Bullis School (USA). Their client, Jeremy and Chelsie King recently had their first child and due to a previous brain surgery, Jeremy has balance issues and requires the use of a wheelchair. Although Jeremy and Chelsie found assistive devices to help with other tasks, they came up short on their search to find a solution to help Jeremy push their baby stroller, whilst using his wheelchair. This is when Matt Zigler and his students stepped in to take on the challenge…

Using interviews, observations and human-centred design methods, the group of students worked through an iterative process to develop 2 solutions – an adapter to connect an infant car seat to Jeremy’s wheelchair and an adapter to connect a stroller to the wheelchair. Check out the story below, which was featured on NBC Washington.